Businesses & Service

Purchase of Equipment & Spare part

Spare parts (ladle, the ladle car, iron tank, molten iron tank car, crane, oxygen lance, electrical instrumentation PLC components cooling wall, roof imaging, perforated strainer, no bell top, furnace, sintering trolley, etc.), refractory (all kinds of refractory brick, iron ditch, stemming, castable, etc.), metallurgy furnace charge, complete sets of equipment, imported equipment;

Technical Service

Contains: cooperate with EPC bidding plan and drawings, geological exploration, test pile, drawing interpretation, drawings, technical training, etc.;


Engineering Design

Contains: Raw materials field, lime kiln, oxygen station, the iron ore sintering, manganese ore sintering, pelletizing and blast furnace iron-making, electric furnace steelmaking, converter steelmaking, steel rolling, gas generator, gas cabinets, factory renovation, slag processing, power generation, etc.;


International shipping

Steel structure production and installation

Equipment installation and debugging

Hot commissioning and reach producing


New Technology

Store type iron hook

Blast furnace spraying

crystal nucleus refractory material iron hook

Converter LT deduster

Premelting calcium aluminate steelmaking furnace charge

Comprehensive utilization of energy


Sintering waste heat recovery

Blast furnace and converter slag processing