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The steel industry need people with many different skills and diverse
knowledge, who have the ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams. These
include metallurgy, materials science, physics, chemistry, engineering and
also mathematics, IT, languages, business, accountancy and many other subjects.
Steel companies can offer challenging and rewarding careers, including:

? Manufacturing

? Engineering and Process Development

? Technology

? Research and Development

? Market and Product Development

? Commercial

? Purchasing

? Finance

? Logistics

? Strategy

? Human Resources

Metallurgy is a key competence needed by steel companies in order to
operate and improve their production processes and to develop new
products. You can study metallurgy at university as a specific subject and also as part of a materials science degree. Some universities incorporate these subjects within their engineering programmes.

Metallurgy and materials science are themselves multi-disciplinary subjects that embrace mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, design and technology. So, if you enjoy these subjects then metallurgy is an ideal choice.

Core to metallurgy and materials science is the understanding that the properties and performance of metals and other materials used in our everyday lives are dependent upon their microstructure. In turn, the microstructure is controlled by the chemical composition and the way it has been processed, heat-treated and fabricated. Therefore, it is important that there are people who can understand these issues and interactions.