Social Responsibility


Society requires companies, who are also members of society, to play their role in realizing a better environment. YERC participates in creating a better world' through working in harmony with every member of society across a variety of csr activities.


The steel industry, which is a key user of various resources and energy, has tremendous influence on the economy, society and environment. Ever since it was founded, YERC has embodied its core values: respect for the environment and humanity as a whole, aware of the effect its leadership in the steel industry could have further afield. YERC has systematically implemented its business activities in a way that upholds the code of social responsibility


Stakeholders Activities

YERC runs a program through which it communicates with stakeholders for an enhanced partnership. YERC carries out passionate activities to achieve sustainable development with all stakeholders by creating a team dedicated to this goal.

Environmental Protection

Humanity should be able to get along well with the environment, the two living in harmony as one. YERC is acutely aware of the value of keeping the environment intact for the next generation. YERC strives to work towards securing a sustainable and promising future for all the earth through activities to save energy and increase energy efficiency as well as by minimizing the environmental impact on communities and working to conserve existing ecosystems.